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R404A retrofit shows 8% energy saving

Nov 27, 2020
24 NOV 2020

THAILAND: A study amongst convenience stores in Thailand has shown that the lower GWP refrigerant R448A showed an energy saving of nearly 8% when retrofitted into existing R404A systems.

The study measured power consumption and the ambient temperature across five stores, totalling 150m2 in central Thailand. The result, based on an average of all the parameters, showed an energy-saving average of 7.9%, or 28,273 kWh/year per five the stores.

The results of the study, carried out by a team from Thailand’s Prince of Songkla University, was published in the Journal of Advanced Research in Fluid Mechanics and Thermal Sciences.

Marketed by Honeywell as Solstice N40, R448A is a blend of the HFCs R32 (26%), R125 (26%) and R134a (21%), with HFO components R1234yf (20%) and 1234ze(E) (7%). Its GWP is around 1300 and is classified A1 by ASHRAE – non-toxic and non-flammable.

There are currently more than 20,000 convenience stores in Thailand, and the number is increasing annually. The majority are open 24 hours day, making the retail sector the fourth largest consumer of energy in the business sector.

China moves to limit HFC refrigerants

Jun 2, 2020

CHINA: Although yet to officially ratify the Kigali Amendment, China has drafted new proposals for a quota system in line with global agreements to phase down HFC refrigerants.

The new proposals from China’s Ministry of Ecology and Environment also includes leak management and recovery and reclamation regulations with fines of up to RMB10m ($1.4m)

The rules would apply to the production, sale, use, import and export of HFCs for controlled uses such as refrigerants, foaming agents, fire extinguishing agents, solvents, cleaning agents, and aerosols.

China is the world’s largest producer of HFCs, and manufactures about 70% of the world’s air conditioners.

“This draft plan demonstrates a clear intent to tackle these potent greenhouse gases,” said Avipsa Mahapatra, climate campaign lead of green group, the Environmental Investigation Agency. 

“EIA commends China for initiating this comprehensive process to implement the Kigali Amendment and strengthen enforcement of existing controls over ozone-destroying chemicals,” she added.

Spanish MEP questions EC action on illegal HFCs

Jun 2, 2020

EUROPE: Pressure on the European Commission to take action against illegal HFC refrigerant imports continues, with a Spanish MEP claiming the black market trade “jeopardises” the F-gas phase down.

César Luena, a member of the Spanish Socialist Workers’ Party, is the latest MEP to table a written question to the Commission on the illegal trade, which some groups have estimated to be equivalent to as much as 20% of the quota. 

He asks whether the Commission is aware of this alleged contraband, and what action it is taking to combat it? Luena also enquires what the EC is doing and what incentives it is offering to encourage companies to use other climate-friendly substances such as HFOs?

Possibly prompted by the refrigerant manufacturers group, Luena points out that the European Fluorocarbons Technical Committee has called for a greater involvement and coordination of customs authorities in controlling these compounds, as well as for customs agents to be trained in the specified and legal import quotas.

Chemours¡¯ Opteon refrigerants win chemical council award

Jun 10, 2019
Chemours¡¯ Opteon refrigerants win chemical council award
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Chemours Fluoroproducts president Paul Kirsch (centre) is presented with the American Chemistry Council award by ACC chairman, Jerry MacCleary (left), and president and CEO, Cal Dooley (right)

USA: Chemours has been presented with a Sustainability Leadership Award by the American Chemistry Council (ACC) for the development of its Opteon range of HFO-based refrigerants.

These inaugural awards, presented today at the ACC annual meeting in Colorado Springs, recognise outstanding achievements by member companies in three areas: transparency and collaboration, environmental protection and circularity and societal contributions.

Chemours was recognised by receiving the Societal Contributions award for “products, processes or initiatives that illustrate a commitment to innovating for a sustainable future for society”.

“Our development of Opteon is a perfect example of how the power of chemistry can help solve some of the world’s largest challenges,” said Mark Vergnano, Chemours president and CEO.

“Consumers are demanding cleaner, greener, and more energy-efficient products, and we’re positioning our customers farther up the value chain to meet that demand with products like Opteon,” said Paul Kirsch, president of Fluoroproducts at Chemours. “This is about doing well by doing good; we are dedicated to becoming a different kind of chemistry company for a world that demands more.”

Fatal ammonia leak 2 dead in Klang Malaysia

Aug 24, 2018
Fatal ammonia leak 2 dead in Klang Malaysia
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