Naming HFO Refrigerants

In today¡¯s episode, ¡°Naming HFO Refrigerants,¡± I¡¯ll use examples of some well-known HFO refrigerants in the industry to explain the refrigerant naming and numbering system

Opteon™ XP40

Chemours supplies Opteon™ Refrigerant to three major ice rink venues in Beijing

To support the mission of being ¡°green, open, inclusive and clean¡±, and to adopt more sustainable solutions, three ice rink venues in Beijing selected Opteon™ refrigerant to provide reliable performance at the demanding low temperatures required for operating their facilities.

Opteon YF (R-1234yf) Meets the Needs for Automotive Air Conditioning Service ¨C Cylinder

Opteon™ 1234yf refrigerant is used in approximately 90% of vehicles manufactured in the US today. As upwards of 15 million vehicles come off their manufacturer¡¯s warranty each year and will require their air conditioning system to be serviced in the aftermarket. Learn about the key differences when servicing a vehicle with Opteon™ YF in your shop.

Opteon™ YF (R-1234yf) ¨C The New Global Standard for Automotive Air Conditioning

Opteon™ YF (R-1234yf) is a new generation refrigerant for automotive air conditioning. With a low global warming potential (GWP) potential of &gt 1, Opteon™ YF cools like R-134a, while readily meeting global regulations.

E2: What's an HFO?

Most folks in the HVACR industry have heard about HFO refrigerants by now. But what exactly is an HFO? How are they similar and different from refrigerants we¡¯ve been using for decades like CFCs, HCFC¡¯s, and HFC¡¯s? I¡¯ll explain the basic chemistry of HFO¡¯s, why they¡¯re important, and where you can expect to see them being used. For further information, visit To suggest topics or comment, email:

E1: The #1 most FAQ about Refrigerants

In this episode I answer the #1 most frequently asked question we receive when it comes to refrigerants, which is, ¡°Is this Refrigerant a Drop-In ?¡±. Check out my five important reasons why I say the answer is no and why there really is no such thing as a ¡°Drop-In¡± refrigerant. Understanding what you can and cannot do when it comes to replacing refrigerants will help you better serve your customers, and more importantly understand the reasons why. For further information, visit To suggest topics or comment, email:

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